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"Georgiann is one of the most amazingly creative and proficient management and marketing professionals that I've ever known. If you are seeking a conceptual person who innately knows exactly ' how and where to market your talents and your wares to the world' - she is the very best!"
Lynne Robin Green
LWBH Music Publishers

"Georgiann, it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge a trusted colleague and friend. You are the epitome of what Business and Entertainment Managers should be. Your professionalism, integrity, and knowledge combined with your creative style and foresight have been an excellent formula for success in this unpredictable business. Continue your greatness!"

Theresa Waltermeyer
World to Come Expos and Entertainment


"When you first started working with us last summer, I quickly realized that you were going to come into our office, evaluate what would make us more efficient and then take charge of the project until it was finished. Your work in our Winston-Salem office resulted in making us much more organized and efficient. I realized this even more so during our recent office move.
In February, we combined our Winston Salem office with our main office in Greensboro. Your ability to organize our office was apparent at the time, but it became even more obvious when we started preparing for our move. What would have been incredibly overwhelming had you not worked your magic last summer became a very smooth transition. Due to your help we were able to have our new office up and running within 2 days of the move!"
Thank you so much!!

Mark Scheerer
Chapter Programs Director


“Since she began managing my business in December 2007, Georgiann has been the best to work with. Despite the current state of the economy, my business has continued to flourish because of Georgiann’s hard work and great ideas. Her marketing, representation, and advertising skills are unmatched.”
In gratitude,

Jeanne Clock


“I signed with Georgiann in May of 2008. The results in my business were immediate. Within the first 2 months my income had doubled and has continued to rise each month following. Georgiann is not only the top in her field, but her dedication, experience and work ethic are second to none. She has motivated me, kept me on track and taught me so very much about how to run my business, I wouldn't be where I am today without her. I have literally tripled my business and income! Personally, she has given me more then I can even put into words. She is compassionate, honest and always available when I have a question. When she is behind the scenes there is no doubt you will be successful.”

Elizabeth Hart


"Georgiann has been a tremendous asset to my alternative health center. Her dedication and work ethic are unsurpassed. She has always been available and willing to encourage me to seek new opportunities. She scheduled a seminar with The NC Association on Aging that increased our visibility, and through pursuing her management suggestions; my business has grown financially as well as the personal relationships with my customers. She has truly been invaluable to my business and has become a reliable, professional confidant."

Barbara Whaley, N.D.


"Georgiann Kiricoples is the type of person who cares about your business as much as you do. When I have needed to focus on the heart and soul of my business, my own creativity, Georgiann focused on the meat and potatoes, the marketing and financial end of my business. She has encouraged me with my strengths and helped me with my weaknesses. No matter what I do with the rest of my career, I will want Georgiann by my side to handle the details."

Debra Key Newhouse, Writer and Intuitive Life Coach
Diva Debra Solutions
Lady Garnet Intuitive Life Coaching


“Georgiann has not only been an inspiration in my life, but a true mirror that reflects the wisdom that when one believes in themselves great things can happen. “

Kimmie Rose Zapf
CBS Radio Show Host, Author, Speaker


"I was in desperate need of marketing help with my business, all I had attempted to do on my own seemed to lead me down a dead-end road. I spent six months bouncing off of myself trying to keep my head above water and found myself going down for the 3rd time, I was lucky enough to find Georgiann. She worked with me via emails and a few phone calls, after following her instructions to the tee I was up and going in a way I never could have done without her.

My income more then doubled in the first month and continued on a steady rise for the next few months. Finally, I was able to breathe and it gave me a feeling of great relief knowing that with Georgiann's marketing expertise I was able to move forward in my business in ways I could have never dreamed of.

My business is an Internet counseling service in which attracting others to my site is highly important. I have since directed many to her from many different types of business's looking for marketing guidance, all have had great results from Georgiann's professional marketing skills.

I highly recommend Georgiann for all of your marketing needs, you will not regret this and will surely benefit in ways that will put a permanent smile on your face and a sense relief that your business will move forward."

Extremely Satisfied Client,
Denise Conley


"What a Godsend you are! There is no doubt in my mind that your input and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind our success. Your promotional talent far exceeds anyone that I have had the honor to work with, and what a pleasure it has been!"

J.L. Wilcox
Land of Ahzzz Inc.


"This letter is in reference to Georgiann Kiricoples. She has been my personal business consultant for over 5 years. To this day, I am amazed with the depth of knowledge and information she offers. Her ideas are fresh, innovative and she really knows how to get the ball rolling. She has shown me invaluable and proven methods for getting organized as well.

As a genius in virtually all business matters, Georgiann has provided extremely keen insight into what employers look for in an employee and a resume. I have been amazed at how quickly she is able to deliver a very helpful solution, and always follows up with additional assistance, which is above and beyond the "call of duty."

As a coach who inevitably became a friend, Georgiann is indeed a true professional with tact, business ethics and an impeccable integrity. Clearly, her future endeavors will only prove superior. She is a remarkably focused and driven individual."

Karen Nichols


"In the past, Georgiann Kiricoples did some marketing work for us at Nautilus in Clemmons. She is well versed in her skills and provided us with exposure in places where there was none preciously available. She was efficient and worked expeditiously in achieving her marketing goals for us. By learning our business through interviews, conversations, observation and even becoming a member herself, she had complete and accurate knowledge of our business operation and came up with a marketing plan custom tailored to our business practice which was second to none. We were well pleased with her work and even more pleased with her dedication. She can market our products anytime."

Butch and Sharon Ratledge
Nautilus of Clemmons Health and Fitness Forum


I've been working with Georgiann since August of 2006 on a consulting basis, and could not be more pleased with the measurable results she has brought to my work. Georgiann's creativity, technical skills, industry knowledge, as well as, her enthusiasm insures the success of any project she tackles. Georgiann has been a priceless resource in my business and one that I would not do without.

Jodie Avalon


"Increasing visibility and awareness in the community can be difficult to accomplish, but you made it seem effortless and attainable. Through your experience and fresh approaches, we were able to create a marketable portfolio, secure a keynote presentation, and get a full-color, full page newspaper article. Thank you for all that you were able to accomplish."

J.Buker, Fitness Expert
Energize Your Exercise

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