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Marketing and Management
Georgiann Kiricoples
Marketing & Management
Georgiann Kiricoples
President, Kirico Management

georgiannGeorgiann Kiricoples' management career began in 1984 working in women's retail. She had a natural flair for management, and shortly thereafter, she was chosen to troubleshoot locations within her district. In 1986, Georgiann continued her management career troubleshooting and working in other areas of business, including furniture, restaurants, retail, and the airline industry.

In 1993, Georgiann's career took an unexpected turn as she plunged into the world of entertainment. During that period, she accepted a position to travel with one of the most sought after radio personalities in the United States. Her experience stretched from the "top ten" radio market, such as NYC (WPLJ), and San Francisco (KSOL), to smaller markets including Richmond (WRVQ) and Omaha (Sweet 98).

By 1996, she was armed with diverse knowledge, and decided to merge her management and marketing skills within the retail and small business sector, along with her practice in the entertainment industry. As a result, she created a company known as Kirico Management. Her new found love in radio propelled her to expand into the music industry where she served as a manager and consultant to artists and musicians throughout the United States.

Georgiann's extensive background, including over 25 years experience as a management, marketing, and business consultant, prove the winning combination of her positive attitude, creativity and determination to succeed. Whether she is personally managing a project or consulting her national and international clients by telephone, inevitably they will acquire various ways to increase the visibility of their business, and most importantly -- improve income.

Today, Georgiann serves as a management, marketing and promotional consultant for various businesses, entertainers, media personalities, advisors, and health and wellness practitioners who strive to meet their personal, financial, and professional goals. Kirico is on a very short list of professional management companies with vast experience working with metaphysicians and alternative practitioners on a business level.  She speaks professionally on various topics such as: Management Doctrine, Time Management, Organization, Overcoming Objections, and Tapping into Your Personal Power.

As host and producer of a weekly internet radio show, “Breaking Through” with Georgiann, she takes great pride in featuring guests you know and answers you want to know.  The purpose of “Breaking Through” is to showcase and shine a light on fascinating individuals who entertain and teach the audience different ways to achieve their goals and offer insight into their lives and the world we live in.   Visit georgiann.com for more information.

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